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About us

Who we are

We are a UK based registered training company that is grounded in the belief that training should add value to our customers.

Our aim is to :
  • help our customers in keeping up to date with current legislation thereby avoiding losses through litigation.
  • tailor our courses so as to reflect our customers' ethos, values and culture so that, in turn, their employees are aware of the attitudes and behaviours expected of them.
  • enable our customers to improve their service delivery to their service users.

What we do  

  • Our Statutory and Mandatory courses are   delivered efficiently and effectively so as to support a safe and healthy working environment and also to comply with a number of legal and essential requirements.
  • Our PMVA and Breakaway programmes  are proven and tested and take into account the safety of both the client and the staff thereby minimising risk to injury.  The PMVA programme leans more  to preventing violence through verbal skills, communication and de-escalation skills.  Physical intervention skills are used as  the last resort.
  • We have a passionate team of experienced, qualified and registered instructors. Our methods of delivery include powerpoint presentations, demonstrations, practice, case studies, group discussions and group work.


We offer flexi-based training    on-site (at your place) and also training outside normal office hours is negotiable.




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